HSD Japan 

HSD Japan is an extension of the American HSD U.S. experience. The program gives 20 former HSD U.S. participants the opportunity to travel to Japan for a unique, three-week cultural adventure. The trip is divided into three parts: tour, homestay, and a cultural exchange program. 

Discovering Japan

From the moment students arrive, they are immersed in the rich culture and history that makes Japan one of the most fascinating countries in the world. 

The first part of the three-week adventure is a tour of Japan spanning major Japanese cities such as Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, and Hiroshima. Students visit famous landmarks, meet with government officials and other dignitaries, and become true diplomats representing the United States. 

After touring the country, students participate in a three-day homestay with a Japanese family. Some past homestay experiences include attending summer festivals, learning and visiting with family members from the older Japanese generation, and gaining insight into the Japanese family dynamic.

Continuing the Exchange

After completing the tour and homestay, students arrive at the Kansai Seminar House in Kyoto, where they are matched with a Japanese roommate. The students participate in a variety of activities aimed at increasing communication and forging friendships. 

All students attend language classes based on their personal language abilities. The HSD Japan academic curriculum builds on what the American students learned at HSD U.S. and provides the students with small, seminar-style learning opportunities. 

The program has a staff of more than twelve people, three of whom are devoted to the program year-round. Five college-aged counselors, all former students themselves, oversee the immediate needs of the students.

Program Details

Dates: July 17 (Orientation); July 18 - August 7

Location: Japan

Number of Students: 20 American and 20 Japanese

Eligibility: Students who have successfully completed the HSD U.S. Program at Princeton the previous summer. Children of AIG employees and their agents may not apply. We afford equal opportunity to students of all races, ethnic, and religious backgrounds.

Cost: Room, board, all tour and activity costs, and round-trip transportation from the DC area to Japan paid by program scholarships.

Application: An application will be mailed to each student who successfully completes the HSD U.S. Program in America. Applications are due in November and interviews are conducted in December.

Taking the Next Step

HSD Japan offers 20 former HSD participants the unique opportunity to travel to Japan the summer following their ten days at Princeton.  After a short orientation program in Washington, DC, students take off for Japan to gain a better understanding of Japanese culture through a tour of the country and homestay with a Japanese family.  At the conclusion of the program, American students participate in a ten-day cultural exchange program with Japanese high school students at the Kansai Seminar House in Kyoto - an experience that mirrors the HSD U.S. program at Princeton.