"...the best ten days of my life."

In their own words, former High School Diplomats reflect on their experience with the program and its lasting impact on their lives.


"HSD has given me the ability to feel confident in myself and has also given me a family that I will never forget...it has helped me to take one more step towards my future goals, and for that I am forever grateful."

-Nikhil G., Virginia


"Ten days ago, I never could’ve imagined feeling the way I do right now...I feel like a new person with kinder intentions and newfound ambition.” 

-Sonja H., Colorado


"I have become more positive, confident, thoughtful, patient..." 

-Aaron S., Georgia


"I have never been surrounded by such inspiring people."

-Anna S., Virginia

HSD changed my understanding of what I was capable of, what kind of person I want to be, and what I need to do in the future. It changed my life.
— Sireesh V., New Jersey

"I am a High School Diplomat. I am ready to tackle the problems of the world through patience, hard work, communication, and honesty. I know the world can be a more peaceful place..."

-Matt S., Massachusetts


"I never imagined how large an impact this program would have on my life...I have become a better version of myself.”

-Katie C., Massachusetts


"In 10 days, you feel like family. I have never opened up to this many people."

-Rose A., California

I have never encountered such a fun, loving, and welcoming environment...this program attracts open-minded teenagers who are willing and excited to interact with all types of people and who are not too quick to judge or write off anyone.
— Brittany S., California

"After my time here, I realize how much fun I’ve had, but also how these times don’t last forever and how I have to make the most of the times I’ve had. Takumi has taught me to appreciate every opportunity life brings, and to always remain positive."

-Parth D., Virginia


"High School Diplomats has been the single most inspiring thing in my life. I hope to use this experience to continue my education in kindness and understanding, and do my part to help make the world a better place, person by person.."

-Ross A., Virginia

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